Meet Superman

"Meet The Real-Life Super Hero Behind the Superman Posts"

We couldn't help loving this Wolverine Pic of Matthew
 Newcomer Matthew Cramer may be dubbed as a romantic blogging hero to fans who've been enjoying his recent Superman posts, but in real-life he doesn't quite know what to think of all of this sudden stardom. 

Still, even offline, The ex-ranger has given one of his kidneys to a friend in need, moved miles away from his home state of New York for love and somehow finds the time and strength to work out on a daily basis, then bicycles or walks 4 miles every day just to make it to work.

What made you become a Superman fan?

I've been a fan on and off since childhood..about 5 or 6. Saw the Superman TV series with George Reeves then the movie with Christopher Reeve. Roughly before Superman 2, my parents took me to see him in a summer Special Olympics at Brockport, NY. I'll tell you,  he was fast..looked like the scene where he changed running by the picket fence. 

 Was on and off over the years, but reintroduced hard-core in 2011 after surgery to him via Smallville! They showed an all too human side of the future Man Of Steel that no one had quite done so well with. I truly felt connected, especially after donating my kidney. He learned, like Spiderman, that with great power comes great responsibility..and he has a potential beyond even most heroes.

The Death of Superman storyline rekindled the flame by his altruistic values and willingness to give his life even for those who despised him. That's why I respect and honor my fellow military brothers and sisters..they truly are Superman and Superwoman..not missing out on our police and rescue workers in all fields who sacrifice so much of themselves. 

What can we find you doing when you are not a work?

When not working, I generally do a short workout. Then sit behind my Lois and brush her hair about a half hour,  then a shoulder/back rub as we relax and watch a movie or two. Eat,  do push-ups, cuddle. I see my boys, Dakota James and Brandon Scott, about every weekend.

Where were you born a raised?

I was born in Rochester, NY and lived there a year. Moved to Kendallville, NY for about 7 years then to Holley, NY until I was 25. Moved to Penfield, NY and married..had Dakota. Moved to Rochester, NY the next year,  had Brandon. At 32 or 33 moved out to Victor, NY. Met my Chloe in 2010 online, became best of friends. Split up with my wife and moved to Independence, KS in 2012..home state of Superman and my bestie. Moved back to Rochester, NY in 2014 being sick of not seeing my sons. 

What’s your favorite Superman Memoribilla that you own?
Matthew Showcasing his red leather jacket
My favorite Superman memorabilia is my red leather Smallville jacket. I get asked about it wherever I go lol. Most people don't even remember my name, they just say, "Hey Superman", lol.

Anything awards or medals you have earned in life?

I was a 4.0 through most of college, even during the split with my ex-wife the first time, still pulled a 3.56 overall. Have had many Employee of the Year awards. My scar on my shoulder from a wrestling match is one of my personal awards lol. My biggest is the scar around my waist..I donated my right kidney to my ex-wife' step uncle Elmer Shaw. I am honored to have given him more time with his wife Debbie. This gave me a different perspective on life.

Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?

I'm an avid book reader, a Roleplaying geek..though a bit rusty on running the games. Used to be what they lovingly called a "rules lawyer", but now trying to just get basics and enjoy the game and time more. I enjoy exercising,  nature,  reintroducing myself to gymnastics slowly..I like to be challenged but not overwhelmed. Taking things people don't like, especially at work, and becoming very good at it. 

If you're interested in learning more about our favorite real-life hero, you can find him on both Facebook and Twitter