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Joy Smith The Insane WriterWho Am I? No Really, Who Am I?!


My name is Joy Smith, better known as The Insane Writer and here's why you'll want to Get in Touch with me for your business.

See that photo to the left of you? That's me! Oh I know, I know, I don't look insane, right? Well, let me tell you a secret, you don't have to look that way to have the mind of an insane writer. You should read My Blog, you'll learn quickly what I mean!

I grew up in the small, but ever so famous town of Coffeyville, Kansas. In school all I ever wanted to do was write and be a writer. It started when I was 7 years old. I fell in love with the television show, Voyagers and was heartbroken when it ended a year later. Determined the show must go on, I wrote a continuation of it, long before Fan Fiction was ever a twinkle in the World Wide Web's eye. From there, my love for writing stories grew so much that my classmates began making fun of me and my teachers began to point out my lack of attention for their classes because I was always writing.

In 1991, I moved to another small, but also famous town known as, Independence, Kansas,where I completed my high school education and wrote my first ever poem, "Father of an Abortion." The poem ended up taking nationals in a Celebrity Poetry Competition in 2000 where TV's, The Love Boat's actor and beloved bartender, Ted Lange introduced himself and his family to me. Was I thrilled? Hell Yes!

Speaking of Hell...

Just What the Hell Do I Do and Why Are You Here?!!

I'm just going to assume you're here because you love the insanity of My Writing and want to know more, or your curiosity has gotten the best of you and somewhere along the way you've lost your insanity! Glad you could join the rest of us!

As a Freelance Writer:


 I started my freelance writing career in 1998 and it all actually started with writing a novel. I was looking for a home to collaborate with other writers and get their opinion of my book. What I ended up getting was a job interviewing two of my favorite Native American Romance Author's, Karen Kay and Robyn Jackson.

I went on to write more than 500 articles, working with the leading beauty community, Carefair and Stokes Media Group a social marketing and advertising company, with whom I still do occasional work for today.

As a Reviewer:


Not too long after I started my blog in 2007, companies wanted me to review their products. Offers were pouring in by the day, it was insane! I couldn't keep up with the offers, so I chose what really interested me.

I chose products and services I wanted to use and try because I wanted my readers to see a personal view, an honest opinion. I have always believed no matter how good or bad a product or service may be, tell the truth!

 Did it keep companies from offering up their products for me to review? Not one bit! They're just as crazy as I am about honesty, so much that I'm still getting some fantastic company products. I'm even able to offer giveaways to my readers thanks to those companies!

Some of companies I've worked with:
  • Redbook
  • Glade
  • Disney
  • Jason
  • Apple
  • Crayola
  • Dove
  • Kelloggs
  • General Mills

As an Author:


In 1999 I started writing my novel, "The Generation" that came to me in a dream. I began writing it under the pen name, Shyan Marie, but eventually decided that name wasn't meant to be.

Of course, anyone in their right or even insane mind knows, "The Generation" is meant to be. My novel is currently in the process of being edited for publication!


As a Crafter:

The most recent addition to my creative family has been my love for upcycling. I've been recycling everything from paper products (old magazines turned baskets) to jars.

My jar re-designs actually started as a hobby, but because fans loved them so much, I decided to sell them as a side hobby.

Ehh Umm... Attention: If You're Still With Me 

 If you are ready to get serious about adding great content to your business's website or you want to purchase any of my creations, then don't hesitate to Get in Touch with me.

Your Biggest Fan Always,

                                     ~ Joy Smith
The Insane Writer

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