March 3, 2017

My Dramatic Increase in Facebook Likes for March 2017

I knew I would be late with this post, but I didn't realize it would almost be a month late! It's amazing what one little infection can do to you and unfortunately, I've been down and out with a severe kidney infection that I'm still fighting, and shouldn't be. Ugh! I'm sick of being sick! I'm ready to get back to focusing on creating more income for my little family and financial freedom. But, I realized I couldn't do that unless I started changing and took care of my health. The eating part is pretty darn easy for me at least because I've always been addicted to healthy foods, the exercising I need more of a motivational push and has been put on the back burner for now due to the medication I'm taking, the stress? That's a whole other ball game. Still, one step at a time is all I can do for now.

Just as one step at a time to make my financials goals a success.

Even while I was down and out, I did keep track of how my social media sites were doing. Facebook really seems to be the winner in this category at 181 Facebook likes.    nearly 80 likes in less than a month! I was pretty impressed, especially since I didn't have any real posts for the past month!

Facebook The Insane Writer - Joy Smith March 2017
One of the biggest reasons I believe Facebook was such a hit is because I'm always on there. Honestly, I still want to change the header background for the page. I just don't like it!

So now that I've established that my Facebook business page is doing pretty good, I believe it's time to focus on Instagram, which seems to be gaining a lot of followers lately. Stay tuned for more about this soon!

Did you succeed in your goals for February? What are your goals for March?

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