March 30, 2017

Just His Luck

"Hey, Guitar Center has, bc rich warlock at a great price!"

"Huh?" David turned to the feminine voice, an angel with dark chocolate eyes and olive toned skin. She smiled and he suddenly felt like that angelic smile was meant just for him.

"You look like a guitar kind of guy." She said.

A slow smile form across his face. She thought he was a guitarist? Really? "I, umm, not really." Was he blushing? She really thought he looked like he played guitar?

"Oh." There was a hint of disappointment in her voice that put him to shame. Damn his luck, A hot brunette and he had to go and screw things up.

"I mean I'm not just a guitar kind of guy, I'm a-" "What had she called it? "BC Rich Warlock kind of guy," He smiled.


He nodded, suddenly wondering what the hell he had been thinking.

"Then you wouldn't mind buying one? I really need a sale!" That once an angelic smile had just suckered him into another guitar. Just his luck!