February 11, 2017

A Critical Error I Made With Pinterest

No one is perfect when it comes to creating additional income online or even increasing pins, and of course, I am no different as I discovered a critical error I made with my Pinterest Pins.

All Over Pinterest and No One's Noticing! 
I got so excited in updating my pins that I forgot one serious must-do for getting noticed. I forgot to create great graphics for my pins. Instead of titles and what my pin is about, I just threw up a simple graphics, no bold words to attract visitors.

Example, the photo of me at the right is used in many of my pinned posts because I never even added a graphic, so it attached my bio photo I use in my blog posts as you can see. Who the heck is going to really want to click on that?

So, lessoned learned. One of my major priorities this month is to go back and change all of my personal pins to include a great graphic my fans will want to click on.

Did you discover any errors with your projects? What actions do you intend to make to correct them?

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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