October 7, 2016

Music is No Stranger in Our Family

Vox Amps are not my thing, but my son is a different story. He's been a guitar player since high school. He's been known to play acoustic guitar more than anything, but he's also been known to play a little electric and bass as well. His style is more pop, but he's dabbled in old rock on a few occasions.

Below is a photo I managed to snap on a day he decided to show off his mad guitar skills to his younger brothers. One of the biggest problems he had when he would play his music was the thin walls in his room. He couldn't play when the family wanted quiet time or had company. Headphones and the guitar amp plug would have made his life so much easier had we known about them!

Today he doesn't have much time for guitar, due to his career, but music will never be completely out of his life, so who knows whether he'll receive a package in the mail containing that amp and a set of headphones for his next adventure!