September 6, 2016

The Profound Effect of Triangle Direct Media

She clicked on the Triangle Direct Media link and glanced at the jobs available with the company. She had been working with Triangle Direct Media for years and was excited to learn they recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being in business, and a successful business at that.

The company was her go-to source for additional income, even though the assignments were far a few, more her own fault with fewer blog posts than Triangle Direct Media. The pay was very good with an average of $5 for 60 words and the assignments were often easy and a lot of fun. She especially loved the fact that she was able to turn the assignment keywords into a story, instead of a review,

Now here they were offering jobs to work for the company! How exciting! Would it be worth working for them? She imagined it would be, but it simply wasn't for her. She enjoyed the lighter side of the company's ability to offer other companies a way to get noticed on the world wide web, no matter how small or how big they may be. What could be more exciting than that?