July 11, 2016

You lied!

We have a serious problem. A few days ago, I caught you looking at the san diego guitarcenter.com page. Okay, what's the big deal you say. You just don't know. You don't know because you have no idea. No idea that I'm right here watching you. Ya, you heard me right. I'm right here, and you've never even noticed.

Damn you! Damn you to hell and back! I have feelings too! You just don't understand! I love you and you just don't care. Why should you? But you tossed me aside like all of the others. You lied! Don't you remember? You told me once we would always be together! Always!

But I saw you! I saw you checking out that other guitar! I saw that smile on your face and heard you whisper its name. I remember how you use to look at me that way. It won't last, I should know. But you have no idea. I watch you every day. You walk by me without a second glance, without a word. You never touch me anymore. It's been months, damn you! What happened to our relationship? I have feelings too. I miss it when you run your fingers down my front. All I've ever wanted to do was please you. I thought I was the one. Now I see I'm not. We played so well together, you and I, so well. Ahh hell girl, you lied.