May 22, 2016

If Only She Knew -Tales From a Slightly Psychotic Musician

The Musician Friend's line 6 sonic port was the best on the block. It was outstanding that they even had one in stock. These babies often flew off the shelves like hotcakes for any serious musician in the business.

Today was Bluesy's lucky day. He'd gone mobile with a lot of his audio sound, so the port was ideal for recording with his mobile phone. Pretty sweet if he thought so himself. Even the price was right. A lot of music equipment was either hard to come by or pretty steep, but this was a steal compared to other places he'd checked out.

Bluesy snagged the last port from the showcase floor and headed for the nearest available checkout line. He was high on life right now and didn't care who knew it. "Now settle down son. It's not going anywhere." His mother would say. Ha if only she really understood, really knew. A slight smile crossed his lips at that last thought. Yes, if only she really knew. He closed his eyes, let out a sigh and stepped up to the cashier with his intended purchase. If only she really knew.