April 6, 2016

Photo of the Week -Wednesday Madness

Over the weekend as dramatic changes were being made (aka remodeling a rotted front porch) , the sudden appearance of a little bird found it's final resting place on the tool bed of Green Arrow ' s truck. It hadn't been there moments before and no commotion from it's natural enemy of a feline or other bird prey had caused this bird to suddenly appear. Was it perhaps natural causes or something more?

Green Arrow ' s thoughts were something a little more creepy such as a warning sign of an apocalypse or a restless spirit. His reasoning behind these thoughts:

1) About 3 months prior, a friendly dog who did not belong in the neighborhood suddenly fell over in passing in the driveway next door. Only moments before he had been playing and appeared perfectly healthy. His owner verified his healthy state the very next day after  discovering he had been missing and learning of his whereabouts.

2) About a month ago a music box that was locked away in a glass cabinet suddenly started playing one night as we were all sitting in the family room watching a movie. 

Soo about that bird.... Thoughts anyone?