January 30, 2016

New Years Eve

"It's been a while." She said.
"Yes, it has." Jerry nodded. Secretly he was rejoicing despite the fact he had no damn clue what she was talking about. She was a gorgeous girl, talking to him, and that was all that really mattered to him!
"I miss singing." She said with a heavy smile.
 "I understand."
"I was online and looking at the music stands at musiciansfriend.com and saw that you had the one I want here in the store?" It was really a question, but all he could do was nod again. Wow was she gorgeous!
"So you do have it?"  A bright  and shining smile slowly played across her face, leaving no trace of the heavy smile that had been there only moments ago. It was a smile he decided that could easily light up a room, one that he never wanted to disappoint, so he hoped a prayed they really carried the music stand she'd wanted.
"Give me one moment to get it for you." He said another silent prayer, then quickly slipped away to the back room of the store.
Oh dear god what had he done? What if the microphone stand was out of stock? What if another customer had just purchased it without his knowledge. Hell, he didn't even know how long ago she'd been online looking at the microphone stand. What if they didn't have it? Then what?
He made his way to the back shelves where they kept their stands and scanned the numbers. He froze when he realized the number for the music stand the beautiful blue-eyed girl had wanted was not on their shelves. A sudden moment of panic spread through him erupting like his hot-tempered ex on one of her hormonal rampages. "No. No. No."
"What's wrong?" Oh my god. She had followed him to the back room.
"I'm sorry employees only are not allowed back here." It was the only response he could think of to cover his stupidity.
"Oh, I'm sorry." There was a slight tremble in her apology making him feel like an ass. It was enough to make him want to come clean,
"I'm the one who needs to be sorry. I thought we had the music stand you wanted." He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "It turns out we don't."
"Oh! Umm that's okay. Maybe you could tell me where I can rent one somewhere? "I'm really desperate. I overbooked myself and I'm supposed to sing at this big New Years Eve Party tonight." She smiled.
Oh thank god she wasn't really upset, wait what? "New Years Eve Party?"
"Yes." She smiled shyly. "Happy New Years Eve by the way!"
He stared at the blue-eyed girl, dumbfounded even more than he just had been. It was February 16th. "Kind of late for a New Years Eve party." He chuckled slightly. Probably just more stupidity on his part and he had misheard her.
"You're cute but silly!" She laughed. "It's the biggest New Years Eve Party of 2004! Hey maybe if you're not busy you'd like to attend?"
Jerry stared. Rationally he had excepted the New Years Eve Party idea. He had chalked it up as someone was just a throwing a really late gig, but 2004? No F-ing way! This was 2016!