October 1, 2015

It's Not For Sale

The vintage violin  for sale looked to be in excellent shape, and according to the flyer, was just that. Kendra tore off the number tab from the flyer with excitement, pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, keyed in the number, then waited for someone to pick up on the other end.

"You have the violin for sale posted at the music store?"
"Ahh yes."
She waited for the voice on the other end to give more details, but when it was obvious they weren't going to, her curiosity kicked in.

"So umm it didn't say on the flyer, but how much are you asking for the instrument?"
"It's not for sale."
"But the flyer says it is." Kendra felt the disappointment in her own voice, then a slight hint of anger took over.
"It's not for sale."
"Then why post the flyer for it. Did you change your mind? I would give it a good home. I am a musician."
"It's not for sale."
"I see. Thank you for your time." Kendra pushed end on the conversation, unwilling to hear those four disappointing words any longer. Why would they even post the flyer if the violin wasn't for sale and if they'd sold it, why not just say so.
Tears threatened to sting Kendra's eyes as she made a mad dash for the front entrance door. The instrument would have been perfect for her concerts. She hurried across the parking lot to her car. She should have told the store the owner was no longer willing to part with it, saved the heartache of another music lover, but what she saw laying in the passenger seat of her car sent a quick jolt of shock through her. She stared, then fumbled to hit the unlock button on her car. It had to be a mistake. It was a mistake.

Throwing open the driver side door, Kendra reached across the passenger seat and stared at the violin she had seen in the flyer from the store. Beside it, a note: "It's Not For Sale."