September 7, 2015

The Gift of Cayden

Zenni Optical
Zenni Optical Blue Frames
"Look, aren't these perfect, Cayden? The color reminds me of your father." She smiled at their son who shook his head at the Zenni Optical Glasses she had chosen.
"Thank you no, mother." He was just like his father more and more every day. She only wished he could really understand that. She let out a heavy sigh and tried again.
"These are on sale with a coupon." If it was one thing her old job had taught her, research was a must and this place had a great selection  frames at discounted prices, with coupons. Something they could at least afford.
10-year-old Caden shook his head and frowned. "I can see fine, mother."  He said.
"I know, but the other children just won't understand."
Cayden lowered his head and slowly tapped his foot on the ground. "Why must they mother. Why can't I be me?"
It was a question she knew all too well. A question she'd tried to explain. Oh how she wished his father were here. If just to meet his son, to see how much he was like him. His sweet caring side to the people of Earth, his loyalty to them, his pride.
A single tear slid down her cheek. She missed him so much. Life had been hard in their small town, jobs were far a few, but now with a child, life was even harder. But, she would not change her gift for the world. Their gift.
With the blue colored Zenni Optical frames in her hand, she crouched down to his level and carefully slid them on his face. Another tear slid down her cheek as she smiled at their son who would someday become just as great as his father still was. "Someday you will understand and when you do, the world will know the real you just like your father. But for now we must protect him and you." 
Cayden looked up at her, the frown gone, replaced with his father's smile. "For you mother, I will."
She smiled back at him and nodded. Someday he would finally meet his father. Someday they would be reunited. Someday the world would understand.

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