August 12, 2015

The Struggles of Real-Life -The Superman Lois Lane Letters

Dear Chlois,

It's been busy here with my sweetheart being sick. She's doing better, figure by September she will be almost 100%. Still no jobs here either. .I'm praying you get the librarian job, it would suit you well. I think you would love it too! Unemployment running out on both sides it seems :(

Been working my butt off trying to get to the master steps in my exercises on my workouts. Close on a few, which will put me in with a handful that can do multiple ones. Ordered the third book..Explosive Calisthenics so I can do flips and Superman pushups lol. Pushing myself as much as I can.
                                                                                      I miss seeing you, my best friend in the world :) 
                                                                                                       Saving the world a bit at a time, 

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