August 3, 2015

Suck it up Buttercup, This is Real Life - The Superman and Lois Lane Letters

Dear Superman, 

Looking back I cannot believe it has been more than two months since I have written you a letter. A lot has gone on in my life, none of it good, I assure you. Life in a small town is just getting worse because there is nothing left here. My biggest problem is, at this time, I simply cannot move. So what's a Chlois to do? 

I have applied for a job as a librarian, however there are so many others in need of a job, that it's a slim chance more than anything if I get the job. I could check with the newspaper office and do my writing thing, but hey guess what, this town no longer has a real newspaper. And with there being no newspaper, there are obviously no news stations either. What a small and pathetic world we live in. This town has really gone downhill even worse than what it was when I was a kid. 

In all honestly, there is nothing exciting to report except maybe that my unemployment  is running out and then it's do or die. Suck it up buttercup, this is real life.



Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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