July 13, 2015

Entrepreneur Magazine Too Techno

Recently, I became a subscriber to Entrepreneur magazine only to discover it has a lot of useless technical advice and some mumble jumble bullshit that won't cater to the underdog and simple mom's like me.

While it does have a few interesting articles,  it's not really worth subscribing to. Most articles are geeked towards businesses already running and successful.

There's really nothing for businesses who are in the startup process and need help before the bigger picture. Even with that area of so - called expertise, you'll find articles about the business themselves and no real advice that may help a reader.

In addition,  most of the terms written in the magazine are meant for your high tech geek and not moms like myself just starting out.

If you're a big shot business looking for information on other big shot businesses,  this magazine may very well be perfect for you. Otherwise, it's not worth subscribing to in my opinion.