June 24, 2015

A Review - Secret Outlast Flops at its Role and Called Outcast

A few months ago, I received a full size sample of Secret ' s newest deodorant Outlast to try out. The first couple of weeks were a huge disappointment in the claims that it outlasts.

But, because Secret is a popular and recommended brand by so many, I decided to continue use for several additional weeks just to be sure. The results were the same.

My usual major brand of deoderant keeps me from needing to reapply all day long even in  the the sweatiest conditions, and always smells fantastic!

Secret Outlast didn't have a great smell and I had to reapply it at least twice a day even in normal conditions. 

On one positive note: In comparison to my usual deoderant,  Secret didn't leave that white stain on my clothing because it is a clear gel formula.

Unfortunately,  sorry Secret, but that's just not enough to make me switch to, or recommend you as a worthy product. Better luck next time!