June 26, 2015

A Review - El Charitto Raises Prices and Taketh Away

I'm not a huge fan of frozen dinners, but every so often I've been known to throw a few in my freezer. One that I had picked up because Green Arrow is a fan of quick Mexican eats, is El Charrito's Enchilada dinner.

In the past these puppies cost around a dollar. Fair I think for a junk food frozen quickie. But lately they've jumped to $2 a dinner!

In addition to the new price tag, the dinner leaves very little to the stomach's imagination.  Now granted they were hardly overflowing in the first place,  but when you don't even get a spoon full of rice it makes one wonder. Is the company losing sales and so desperate for money that they've stooped to a new all time low? Or was it a simple mistake at least where the rice was concerned? 

You know there is a well - known quote that people just love to use. You'll know it!

Less is more! Although in this case this isn't a positive quote for this consumer,  it certainly seems to fit the bill for El Charrito. Less food means more mulah! It certainly seems so!!!