June 23, 2015

A Review - Ab Lounger by Jake From Trash to Trash

A little less than a month ago, Green Arrow picked up The Ab Lounger from Body by Jake that someone, *gasp* tossed to the curb. Of course never hearing of the workout equipment until that very day, we gave it a try.

Much to our disappointment we quickly learned why someone tossed the Ab Lounger to the curb. What a piece of junk! The unit is supposed to work your abs when you rock back and forth with it, stretching your back as you do. I did 50 crunches with it and still felt no pain when normally I can do 25 ab crunches without any equipment and feel the burn.

So just to be sure we were doing things properly, I did some research about it online. There were so many bad reviews with our same results it was unbelievable!

So we tossed it to our curb and low and behold some poor sucker picked it up! I only hope they have better luck or a better use for it! Good luck my friend whoever you are!