March 14, 2015

Home Safe For the Holidays

The snow was treacherous, but the ice was even worse causing a person to barely be able to climb the mountains without being in danger. This was where came into play for the simple fact that ice cleats were needed if a person wanted to stay safe in this winter weather.

Carefully walking on the ice was a little easier now, as James climbed his way down the small mountain to home. He hadn't really expected the weather to turn worse, but mother nature had other
ideas in mind. Luckily he'd come prepared and wore his cleats just in case a situation like this did happen. The mountain was slick, but after a careful climb down, he could see the house in the distance.

He'd promised Nicole a real evergreen tree for the holidays, but that was before the storm had gotten worse. Still, he pulled the little evergreen behind him with a smile, knowing Nicole would love the little tree just the same.He had almost but given up on a tree when he spotted the little guy all alone in the fields beyond the mountain side.

It had been a long day and his thoughts now wandered to the warmth of the fireplace waiting for him at home. He could just smell the freshly baked cookies that Nicole had promised and a cup of hot apple cider. He dug his cleats into the freshly packed snow and ice. The weather was getting more dangerous by the minute as the snowflakes stung his cheeks. A few more steps and he would finally be home safe!