February 18, 2015

The New Place

They were headed out of town to check out a new place with discount furniture. With today's economy it was difficult for even the once middle class to be able to afford anything nice at a budget price. Roxanne had heard that this new place had great pieces at a lower cost than most of the furniture stores in their neighborhood and she was determined to purchase a new recliner.

      "So where's this place at again?"  Her husband hated shopping, but was always willing to take her anyway because he loved her. But today may have been a bad choice for a road trip. A thick dense fog had just rolled in and seeing anything in front of them was starting to become a problem.

      "It's suppose to  be right on the main highway." Roxanne glanced out the window hoping to be able to at least see where they were that way. She could see several businesses as they drove past them, but none were the new place she was looking for. She let out a heavy sigh and turned to George. "Maybe we should turn around and just head home my love. This fog is terrible."

      "Not a chance babydoll." George took one hand off of the steering wheel and patted her hand. It was a gesture that had always reassured her everything would be okay. But today it was not meant to be.  Today, a semi-truck had mistakenly gotten off the exit on their side of the road and was about to hit them head on.