February 20, 2015

I Heart Cat Rings Especially When My Name is Involved

Usually when I share information on a company, I like to turn it into a story. This company however, I just had to giggle over because believe it or not, their known as, Joy Jewelers, and here I am a Joy by name!How insanely cool is that?! Now what's even more cool is their jewelry. In case you didn't already know, I'm a cat person (and a ring person, but I also love bracelets). I love cats, especially big cats and well, guess what I found!!! See that cutie at the right? Ohh yes indeed and it's right around $30! How sweet of a deal is that?!

But, even if you're not a cat person like I am, they're still worth checking out. You can shop by theme, by jewelry pieces, do a keyword search and so forth. You can also design your own jewelry pieces. I love places like that because you're not limited if you're a very picky person like me, but really, I heart cat rings...... What jewelry pieces do you love?