February 23, 2015

Bullying Starts With You, Not Your Children

A few days ago I happened to run across a blog where grown adults were bullying another grown adult for a question they deemed stupid. EXCUSE ME, but NO QUESTION IS EVER STUPID! And how low did they go? Enough to seriously make that other adult feel like the scum of the earth for even asking a simple question. STOP and THINK! And yes, I know what you're thinking. Ohh that's not me, I would never do such a thing! That's just not me! This post isn't about me!

We often get upset over our own children being bullied at school, but we don't stop to realize when we are doing it ourselves. Whether it's something as simple as making fun of another person for the clothing that they are wearing (I've seen this one from a co-worker first-hand, sadly), or something as silly as name calling, you're such an idiot, there is NO EXCUSE for it whatsoever!

If we want the bullying to stop, let's look around and start with ourselves. Maybe, just maybe we've all done it without even realizing it. Set a positive example and start with yourself, not your children.

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at silent_beautie@yahoo.com She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter.

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