December 11, 2014

The Speaker Cable

He couldn't quite figure out what was up with his old speaker cable It seemed as if everything he owned was suddenly breaking down. He didn't want to have to purchase a new one. Why should he when his old one was working perfectly fine just a few days ago. He just couldn't understand it and it was really ticking him off. Boom! Boom! Boom! The reflex action of his fist flew into the speaker faster than his brain could react.

Breathe Roger, breathe. Focus. He stared at the damage that had been done. This wasn't his fault. It wasn't. He hadn't done this. It wasn't possible. He closed his eyes and drew a ragged breath.

It was her fault. It was hers and she needed to face the consequences of her actions right now. He stomped toward the bedroom where she lay sleeping. How dare she sleep! How dare she!