November 19, 2014

The Untold True Love Story of Influenster

She stopped in front of the building with those big bold words she knew by heart, She had lost everything over the past few months and things were only getting worse. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Life was never easy for anyone, but for her this was the ultimate. The loss of a writing job she cherished, the closing of a building and loss of co-workers who had become more, the promised income from that job to survive on now in danger itself, the loss of her mother to cancer, the battle of her 2nd mom, her aunt's cancer, the diagnosis of her own disease caused by stress.... The list could go on, yet here she was standing tall in front of what she considered one of the greatest influential companies for the biggest brands.

Today could be the best day of her life, if she could just show them she was a survivor, a fighter and her love for products and writing would never die. The passion had been there deep inside, burned in her soul no matter what life tossed her way.

There were so many great brands with Influenster, she could never name them all. Even the latest with the Influenster App was exciting news to her!

She hesitated for a moment remembering the stolen package sent from Influenster a few years ago. It had been another road block in her life, a slap in the face from her own family as she had tried to make a name for herself in this competitive world. Yet somehow that hadn't stopped her. Instead, she had still welcomed that family member in her home. Instead, she was now standing here in front of Influenster, ready to prove that road blocks were only that. That you can make your own path no matter how tiny you are in this world. That without the hearts of mom and dad bloggers, there would be no love for great brands, and without Influenster we may never discover those hearts.

She looked up at those big bold letters once more, took a step forward and opened the door to the future of branding, to her future, her heart and soul.