October 21, 2014

You Will Stop in Coffeyville KS Whether You Want to or Not

As a writer, I usually don't mind visiting small towns because they are a great place to enjoy those little mom and pop places you just can't find anywhere else. However, it's downright wrong and devious when a small town like Coffeyville, KS lures people into stopping for their events like the State Fair and Rodeo by putting up road construction taking place signs to get unsuspecting victims to take notice!

At first when I saw these road construction signs right around the time the State Fair and Rodeo came to town, I thought they were just doing some real road construction. But, over the years it became obvious that this was not the case.

Every year right before Coffeyville's State Fair and Rodeo comes to town, up goes the road construction signs stating road construction and to slow down to 25 miles and hour rather than the normal 40. Really Coffeyville? How devious of you! If you want to get visitors to come to your events, show case that event, don't try to trap them into it! People will want to stop at your event if you give them something to talk about, something to be excited over. What they don't want is a fake road construction sign telling you to slow down, only to learn later there was no road construction after all. That my friends will just piss people off! Get smart and showcase your events! Build better websites and spread the word! Use social meida to your city's advatange! Get your act together and make Coffeyville at town people will be excited about visiting and not one people frown upon and refuse to vist ever again!