October 21, 2014


The loud audio equipment bursting with noise was not music to her ears, in fact, she hated it. She couldn't understand why her best friend had to drag her to this terrible noise she called heavy metal, in the first place. She could have been at home cleaning her house or shopping for groceries where it was safe. Here she was not. Here there were too many people shouting and screaming, trying to fight their way past the pathetic young hoodlums this town passed off as security guards that could care less if the singer on stage was mauled or not. They were in it for the money,nothing more.

She hated this town for that reason. They cared more about financing their personal pocketbooks than this town's existence. And she was rather surprised to even learn this noise pollution of a band had accepted the town's offer to play here.

Ritchie Skaggs and his band members were in for a hell of a shock if they thought for one single moment they'd be making big bucks off this town. A hell of a shock indeed.