July 26, 2014

"You should go pro dude."
It was damn near midnight and all his buddy could talk about was their music. It wasn't that he didn't want pro audio, it was that he was giving up the dream because his real-life job was just too darn important and his girl hated the fact that he was in a band.

Tonight was it. Tonight was the final act. He'd promised his girl. Once that clock struck midnight and the New Year started, there was no going back.

He'd miss the guys he realized as he tuned his guitar, but it was for the best.

"Well, dude. You ready to rock cause let's do this!"

Shawn turned to his buddy with a smile and nodded, then he watched him leave the room and let out a heavy sigh. Tonight was it. He bowed his head, said a quick prayer, then stepped out on the stage. No one noticed the tears that had formed in his eyes as he played on and moved the crowd as he always did. Tonight was the night.

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