July 26, 2014

If These Strands Could Talk

Yes, the title is eerily familiar, so much so that I just had to steal it from the other post I wrote.

But let's not dwell on that subject. Instead, let's dwell on my hair. It's fine, dry, flat and lifeless. I can wash it and the very next day it looks like I haven't washed it in weeks.

Now here's the thing, I don't use the cheap dollar brands when it comes to a shampoo and conditioner because my hair just can't handle them. However, I don't use a high dollar brand, more so because I'm on a budget, but also because I just don't believe they're that worth it.

So, I'm this in between girl who uses products like Aussie and Garnier, only they haven't worked for me lately.

So when Pantene offered their hydrate and repair shampoo as a sample, I went for it.

The result was brand new silky soft hair that looked fabulous!

Here's what I received from them:

A sample bottle of shampoo and Conditioner
A coupon for $1.00 on my next Pantene purchase.

How insane is that???

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