April 8, 2014

The Containers the World Forgot

Shopping for groceries has gotten ridiculously expensive. I spent almost 10 dollars on just a gallon of milk and carton of eggs not long ago.

Saving money would be nice, but I can't see myself using coupons because I live in an area where the stores don't double coupons and there really are no competitors for sales. Yes folks, small towns do have their downfalls.

I've considered growing my own vegetables using the container method, since I've been saving containers and seeds from already bought vegetables and household food containers I can't bare to throw away.

I've also stockpiled on produce that the local store sells cheap because it's been sitting on the shelves for more than a week. The produce can easily be frozen to preserve it.

Still. I'm thinking I can really save money by growing my own,naturally without spending a dime.

Right now I have bell pepper, jalapeno and tomatilo seeds to start from vegetables I bought on sale at the local store. I'd like to expand to some other vegetables and maybe fruits too.

I think I'll start doing more research on container gardening and start something this year. Time to start saving money. I'll need it.

Eventually, I'd like to expand my money saving ideas on things like water, electric and gas as well. Maybe gather water from the rain we get for the garden or from excess shower and cooking water.

I'd also like to start a scrap composte to cut down on waste and create some great soil.

Right now, I'm just really excited about starting a container garden. Or I was. I wanted to use the soil from mother earth, but was just told that's not an option.

Really? I'd like to know, why not? I was really looking forward to this project. Now I'm simply depressed.

So many things I'd like to do, but now I'm no longer so sure.