April 27, 2014

I Suddenly Feel a Fight Coming On

So I sat down this morning and read the bible for the very first time. Please don't judge or criticize me for not reading it sooner.  I really wanted to know why man worships and praises a book that is theoretically written by man himself.

I have not gotten far, I stopped at chapter 7 of Genesis. What saddens me is woman seems to be the root of all evil who started it all and changed this earth. It's no wonder woman is almost always to blame in man's eyes for just about everything that goes wrong.

Another thing that saddens me is god seems to have only created beautfiul women for the man that worships him. Does this really mean that beautiful women are the only exceptence in this world by man? It seems so if you look at the way the media portrays things. Just my opinion and please keep in mind I have not read any further.

I will end this insight until the next time I get a chance to sit a ponder what this book is really is all about.

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