February 1, 2014

I Need a Distraction

This bad weather and solid ice on the roads has my nerves on edge. I keep hearing sirens and worry is it anyone I know? Already, people who are dear to me have slid off the roads and gotten into major accidents. Now I'm worried about loved ones that had to work today. I can only hope those sirens weren't headed to the scene of a bad accident for anyone, no matter if I know them or not. I hate ice.

I had to drive to work one day when roads were bad, but not as bad as this. I hit a patch of ice going around a corner and the car spun out of control. I screamed the entire time, tried to correct the car and finally braked it sideways right before I went into a major death ditch. I was so lucky I was the only one on that road at the time.

Then, I went onto work and never said anything, even when I got home. I almost lost my life during our last bad weather, and yet I'm still here. I just hope those that did get out are going to be ok!