February 20, 2014

I Have a Passion For Books, However

I'm sure anyone that really knows me can tell you I'm a very picky person when it comes to most things, however books aren't generally one of them.

I absolutely love books, but I'll be honest here, I'm not so much an e-book person. One of the biggest reasons is because I use my phone for everything since I'm constantly on the go.

Another that's a bit of a stickler, I'm old fashioned and by that I mean, I love to read books without the need for technology.

I like to turn real pages, not a screen page.

I like to save power and read by daylight, not by battery or electricity.

I like to climb under the covers and lay down to read and that's just awkward with an e-book.

But what really blows my mind is the lack of at the very least straight-forwardness for those requesting that their book be reviewed by me. And by that I mean whether it is an e-book or hardcopy.

The latest was an email I received about a month ago. I'd accepted their request and submitted the necessary info in order for them to send me the book.

However, that book never arrived. So I checked back with them to find out what may have happened. There are always deadlines for promoting an author's book before it goes public in bookstores. So I worried.

Had it gotten lost in the mail?

Was there a post office delay in mailing packages?

Did the dog eat it?

To my surprise, I learned they would be sending an e-book and when could they arrange an interview with the author they wondered.

So yep, they'd automatically assumed an e-book wouldn't be a big deal for me. I had to kindly respond that it was a big deal because I'm on the go a lot in addition to turning down the review offer.

Things could have been so much simpler had they mentioned this was an e-book review request in the initiating email. I could have made their media promoting work and time so much easier and less stress on the author, whom I now feel badly for since they are one less shy an expected review an interview.

So the morale to the story is this:

Details for promotional media is always a must!