February 1, 2014

Coffee With Dana

Dana sat at the kitchen table, a cup of her favorite organic coffee in one hand and the Coffeyville Journal in the other.

Today she had a plan, just like most days, but today would be different. This was the day, she could feel it.

She let out a deep sigh, smiled and turned to the classifieds in the newspaper.

It was hard to find a job that paid good and in Coffeyville, it was simply hard to find a job. It was a small community where there were more people than jobs.

She was thankful she had her coffee business, but budgets were tight and it was hard selling it when others couldn't see spending $25 for two weeks worth of organic coffee.

Still, one had to admit, it was cheaper and much more healthier  than buying those pricy drinks at Starbbucks that many loved so much. She just needed a way to share her love for coffee with the world and she was very sure she had just found it!