January 25, 2014

The Road Once Taken

The new place had go karts for kids, which was pretty cool since there wasn't much to do in the sleepy one horse little town. For years the town had been greedy with the money the elderly woman had left in her inheritance for the youth and blown it in less than a year on who knew what.

Yes,they'd built an activity center for the children, but there was a ridiculous $10 charge just to get into the building and you still had to pay to play any of games they had. And yes, they'd even provided an outdoor pool, but it was off limits because the town's council had decided to use it for their own personal enjoyment, with a large neon sign that clearly read, "No Children Allowed!"

It was ridiculous if you asked Karen Sarsteg, so she was glad to see a new building offering fun for the kids without a hefty price tag.

Of course it was located outside of town for not only the land needed to run the track, but because the town had refused to allow any new business inside.

Now Karen wondered why the owner would even try to run a business around here. They were practically a ghost town, so she couldn't see any business making a profit or even surviving around here.

Well, she was aiming to find out. If the owner had any sense, they'd walk away now while they were still standing. She took the road the directions on the Fun Laps sign indicated and was surprised to see how elaborate the place was. And then she saw him.....