January 25, 2014

The Collector

He looked at the sign that read, coins for anything, inc and laughed out loud. He had a friend that was a coin collector and could see him getting excited over a personalized coin.

Hmm. It was a thought! And why not! He owed his old buddy a birthday gift and a coin bearing his friend's company name and logo would be just the thing.

Max had started the money making company 7 years ago without a cent to his name. Today, the herbal business was profiting quite well thanks to the green environment and health lovers.

3 more years and he'd have that bank loan paid off. Joe smiled at that thought. He was glad he'd invested in his friend's company and approved the loan.

It hadn't been easy, however. There had been complications in the very beginning with the building Max had chosen, itself. For starters, the damn place came with a witch.