January 15, 2014

Home for the Holidays - A Coffeyville KS Tale

The holidays were long gone, but the led white christmas lights still shined brightly on one house in the little town of Coffeyville, KS.

Too many years had gone by without her husband and her children. A tragic sad moment many said and yet everyone complained about the lights, demanding that the old woman take them down. The past is the past. Get over it! They'd say.

Others would just shake their head in embarrassment and ignore the house and its owner. They simply refused to bother with her. But it didn't matter, for she would not give in and take down the lights. They were the only connection with her family that she had left.

You see, those too many years ago her husband and children had put up those lights on Christmas Eve as a surprise to the wife and mother they loved so dearly. Then they'd gone out for hot cocoa and never returned. So every night the lights shined brightly waiting for her family to come home.

It was last night that the people of Coffeyville, Kansas stopped on that one block in their small town and hung their heads down in shame. Some shed a single tear, while others broke down and cried like babies, for tonight the lights stopped shining. Tonight her family had come home.