January 25, 2014

Coffee, the Other White Meat

I love a good cup of coffee, but lately I've noticed it doesn't love me. Well a while back, a good friend of mine who is by far marriage a relative, told me about a coffee she promotes that contains a mushroom with health benefits. Well I didn't really have the extra money to try it until a week ago, but since I've been drinking it, I've noticed a difference.

How I really noticed was quite ironic. I had forgotten my new coffee a few days ago for work, so I sucked it up and grabbed the regular cup of joe at work. Big mistake. My kidney was hurting for the rest of the day just from that one cup.

Then today I bought black tea (both black tea and coffee contain a harsh acid that isn't good on my kidneys) and we are back to the kidney pain.

I think it's time I just left black tea and the regular java alone and just stick with my newfound coffee love.