December 12, 2013

The Piano Part 2

They say everyone who looks into their family's past will find a secret sooner or later. But there are some who will never discover their family's hidden past because it was never really a secret to begin with.

When I inherited the portable piano from my great-aunt Jessie, I already knew it was special. From the moment she discovered my love for music, she told me about the piano's magic.

"You can play any note and it will create a song for you." I eagerly waited for her to show me how the piano worked, so that I could try it out for myself, but she would always tell me`it's not your time.

15 years later it was finally my time. The piano had arrived in the mail this morning, only a day after my great-aunt's passing. No longer able to hold back any longer,I pressed a key and waited for the piano to create a song for me, but the only key note it gave me was the one I had already played.