November 2, 2013

The Insanity of My Health

It is time I get my health together. My first goal is to start a running/exercise program, which I downloaded an app for. Now I'm wondering if I need to go online and do a search for health insurance quotes.

When I started working my full-time job I opted out of getting insurance with them because they are so darn expensive and I have backup insurance.

I also had this idea of just putting away money for health needs in a savings account. I never liked the idea of giving a company my hard earned money every paycheck that I may never need or won't need as much of. Know what I mean?

Yes, I'm that much of a penny-pincher. But I've often wondered, where does that money go when you don't use it or you change insurance companies, or choose a different career path.

It's all just the mad and insane rambling of a writer and mom. Yep!