November 3, 2013

The Fall of Coffeyville, Kansas' McDonalds

I'm so tired of the many mistakes made by Coffeyville Kansas's McDonald's. I went through drive-thru, placed my order trusting they would have it right after waiting 15 minutes for them to even cook it, but then after getting about a mile down the road, I learned I was missing a chicken sandwich.

So I took my missing order inside to the manager, who apologized, confirmed it was a chicken sandwich with everything on it, then when she thought I was out of earshot, told another employee to take a plain chicken sandwich, slap some cheese on it and give it to me. Excuse me? I was never rude to her, so what did I do to deserve her wrath?

I'm glad another employee was paying attention to our conversation and corrected her on it being a chicken sandwich with everything on it.

So after leaving with my corrected sandwich I never thought it was possible for my order to be more incorrect. Took it to our designation and when the boys bit into their grilled onion burgers they discovered there was no meat on them at all. By then, it was a waste of gas to drive all the way back to Coffeyville's McDonald's for them to correct my order yet again! What should have been a rare treat turned into the worst experience ever with that place.

Well this is my official notice. No more for us. In my opinion, this McDonald's needs real management and to always double check orders. This was the fall of their loss of us as customers.