November 2, 2013

Coffeyville Kansas a Hometown Disappointment

I'm embarrassed to call Coffeyville, KS my hometown anymore. Sure, it was where I was born and raised, but that's as far as it goes. In no way have I found that the depressing town of Coffeyville really promotes their local businesses or events.

I thought to myself, this would be the year to take my kids to Dalton Defender days, but alas it came and went without a peep or promo saying hello, in advance, save the date!

Now the fair and rodeo is a little different of a story. I mean, who can miss all of the blocked off roads for it as one travels to work. Still, there was no real information on what each of the night's consisted of unless somebody knew somebody that happened to be working a concession or in one of the events.

Then I found one of Coffeyville, KS's website links: and I got excited. I thought to myself, well maybe they do promote their businesses. After all, I did just find that link on a flyer announcement card stand on one of the tables of a local business. Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on the link and found more business meetings than anything, award ceremonies and earn bucks for shopping downtown. Where downtown? What places??? Where was more about the businesses and the products and services they have to offer, other than their doing a great job and won an award!

So then I found their facebook page and decided maybe that was the true promotional link. Lots of great downtown event photos I see, but nothing promoting the local businesses or events in advance.

I must admit, the city's chamber of commerce page has a few events posted, but not all. And they don't list all of the events their town has to offer either.

At one time, I did point out the lack of promotion on the city's facebook page, however my questions and concerns were never answered.

Hmm. I wonder if my next step needs to be a face to face meeting. Or just promote the businesses on a blog. Someone has to do something, that's for darn sure.