November 21, 2013

Bad Blood - A Girlfriends Unite Story

She placed the sign, "Booties by Autumn" in the store window, then stepped back to admire her handy work. The collection of baby booties were carefully displayed on the table tops, each pair lovingly knitted by her own hands. She was so ready for this and had been for a very long time.

The newborn creations had started as a hobby, a fun project of sorts. Now, 12 years later she was creating the tiny shoes with more orders than she'd ever thought possible.

It hadn't been an easy road to now, that was for sure. So many times she found herself ready to just give up on her dream. There had been many roadblocks over the years, and most recently with the purchase of the shop.

The prior owner had hesitated for months before finally and reluctantly signing the deed to the store over to her. Something about bad blood, he'd said.

Autumn had hesitated at first when she'd heard those words, but her desire to make her dream a reality was much greater and after much pleading the place was officially hers. Bad blood. Ha!