October 29, 2013

October Tears

She refused to shed the single tear that threatened to fall. Her heart had been shattered one too many times. Finally, it was just too much. That tiny fracture somewhere deep inside, had spidered into a dangerous web leaving unmendable delicate shards.

She had always thought she was a good person, kind to others, stayed clear from the bad things in life, and loved from the very depth of her being, heart and soul. But after fighting for so long, she believed she was no longer worthy of anything.

Somewhere along the way, the decision was made long ago, one that she'd forgotten, tried to ignore, tried to fight - that a life filled with true and everlasting love, the kind that only storybook fairytales are made of, was not meant for her.

She would never marry, never become a bride, never feel that unstoppable love, the kind to reach beyond the stars, the same love she'd given over and over. But for her, it was just never meant to be.