October 29, 2013

Hell Yeah

They had been printing posters for the show for nearly a week now, working non-stop. The order had came in anonymously, asking for 5000 posters and in return offering a cool one million dollars. Sean had flipped at the offer. It was just the start he needed to get his business rockin'. A cool one million!

Now he examined his work. It had taken working through several nights, but it was well worth it. The posters were perfect. Still, he wondered on more than occasion who would offer such a high price without a name.

His employees had wondered the very same. "It's a lot of money, just to not come forth about." Sean had nodded in agreement, but what could he do. If he tried to track down the buyer, they might change their mind and he could lose it all. He wasn't about to have that happen. He would just take the offer as it was. A cool one million! Hell yeah!