October 31, 2013

Don't Hate When You Don't Even Believe

Have you ever noticed how people claim a business isn't legit if they can't make money from it or they get frustrated when they lose money and give up because they can't make a profit from the product they are trying to promote?

I see both of those scenarios time and time again and I want to shake some sense into those who are a part of them. A good example of this comes from an empower network video produced by a woman name Jen. You can check it out here: http://jennytrecommends.empowernetwork.com/

In the video Jen talks about how she got easily bored with the products she promoted time and time again, so she almost gave up. Well, the reason she became bored was because she focused on the money and not on a product she truly loved.

If you're promoting a product you know nothing about or you wouldn't use yourself, why should your customers buy into your offer?

Believe it or not, your customers are no dummies and they'll see right past your pushy sell.

Don't let that become you! If you want to truly knock your customers dead, you have to enjoy the business you're in. You have to love the product you're selling.

Take for instance, my favorite blogging guru, John Chow. He wrote a review on empower network here: http://www.johnchow.com/taking-a-look-at-the-empower-network/

He gave his honest opinion and tried the marketing blog out, and it's what he does best. He loves blogging and technology, and of course it shows in every video, every post he does. He is a trusted blogging source. Businesses love him and customers love him!

Another good example that has earned a lot of trust is Stokes Media: http://stokesmedia.empowernetwork.com/

Have you seen their Cajun cooking show? You have no idea what you're missing if you haven't. Here's the link: http://www.cajuncookingtv.com/

Stokes does what they love the most, just like John Chow. I'm telling you, you really have to love what you're promoting or you're just not going to be as successful as you can be!