October 19, 2013

An Influenster Tale: Hey Mom, Where's My Dr. Scholl's VBox

My 16 year old high school track star is both disappointed and excited at the same time because Influenster sent me a VBox containing a free pair of Dr. scholl's Active Series insoles.

The insoles are designed to help relieve and prevent pain from workout injuries like plantar fasciitis, runner's knee and shin splints.

I do a lot of walking in both everyday life and when working out. At times, the hard cement causes my knees to hurt, as well as my right hip.

I gave the insoles a try for a few weeks just to make sure my review of them was fair.

The first day was killer on my feet. I guess they just weren't use to a different type of insole support.

After the first day, things got better and I have not experienced any pain in my knees or hip since wearing them.

Now I do want to be honest and note that if you have any callouses on the bottom of your feet and you wear your insoles on a daily basis, your feet are going to hurt. It's best in my opinion to wear them only when you workout.

Now that I've said my peace, I should share one final note:

My 16 year old was so excited to see my pair of insoles, that he now wants a pair for running. The problem is I can't find them here! So how can he get a pair of his own?

I'm sharing his photos with my insoles here, and yep he was really that excited! Thanks Influenster and Dr Scholl's for this really cool and insane freebie!