September 28, 2013

The City of Greed

"It's a sad, sad fact that some people believe words cannot speak feelings of love, yet they believe that those very same words can lead them down a path they deem worthy. With this said, I have chosen to close the doors forever. Thank you for your time." She stood at the podium, heartbroken, yet her head held high. It was the last speech she would ever give in this corrupt city because theit hearts were not in the right place. Their beliefs blinded by ignorance.

A sky ballon dropped from the clouds and the words kayak seats at scrolled across it in bright neon blue, then disappeared. It was a pity that the city was so full of greed. These businesses deserved better.

No one would remember the companies for a mere second, let alone have time to really read what they had just seen. Yet the city was bilking them for 1 million dollars and promises of unlimited business.

She stepped away from the podium still shaking with anger. She knew exactly what would happen to that kayak company. She'd seen it too many times before. Their million dollar investment would become the destruction of their company.

She could no longer stand by and watch this city take another business down and profiting from it. It was time to end their greed.