September 26, 2013

Sifilia B By the Insane Poet and Insane Writer

My head was already throbbing as I entered the doors of Bellagio in Las Vegas. I had already contracted the first symptoms of Sifilia B; a man-made bacterial virus capable of mass extinction, and it was spreading throughout my body like wildfire.

The pain only became worse as I stumbled through the crowds of people, not knowing the catastrophe that was coursing within my veins.

Then it hit me, a spin sharper than any blade, pierced inside my head, causing me to fall on the hard cold floor of the hotel room.

I couldn't see straight, but at that moment I could barely see anyways. I blacked out without a thought of the disaster that awaited my awakening.

I don't know exactly how long I had been out, but now there were people all around me. Not good. I wanted, I needed to get away from them before it was too late. They had no idea how big this virus was. This hotel and it's people were in grave danger.

At first, I was angry with myself for risking their lives. I didn't even know why I was there to begin with. Then I remembered.

I had been tracking the woman. She'd checked into the hotel a few nights ago I'd been told and she was the cure. Only one problem. Somebody had lied. The woman had checked into the room alright, but it wasn't her.

Now I had to start all over and these people were about to die. It was as simple as that, the poor fools. People were starting to shout.

"What the hell is that?" Someone asked.

"Get back!" Another one shouted. And so it had started.

I tried to get up, to get away from them, but the room wouldn't stop spinning and it felt as if some force was holding me down. Maybe if I warned them.

Get away from me. You're going to die. Get away! My mind was shouting the words, but my mouth refused to form them.

A woman kneeled  down beside me, their face inches away from mine. Are you crazy? Get away from me! Again, my mouth refused to form the words. But she refused to budge. Instead she leaned even closer and before I knew what was happening she kissed me.

I tried to move, but my body refused to allow it. Question after question raced through my mind. Who was she? Why would she do such a thing? Hadn't she heard the shouts from the guests of the hotel to get away from me.

My mind continued to try and comprehend what I could not understand. And then suddenly, the throbbing stopped.