September 25, 2013

Making Wishes, Rescuing Abused Animals and Giving Hope

I'm the kind of girl who pushes past and on, when it comes to the tough stuff. But a few weeks ago I gave up hope. I stopped pushing. I just simply stopped.

Then today I open my inbox and find 3 back-to-back emails from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, City of Hope and the ASPCA, all because I'm a member of Mypoints.

So this tiny bit of light from somewhere in the depths of my soul, sparked. I like giving others a reason to hope. In reality it doesn't mean I'm hopeful again, but this post isn't about me, so shall we continue to move on?

3 Deserving Reasons Why You Should Become a Mypoints member:

Make-A-Wish Foundation - Just by sharing their video online, you'll be donating $1 to this wonderful charity and you'll earn 25 points.

City of Hope - Make a cash donation to this wonderful charity and earn 1000 points.

ASPCA - Make a cash donation to help abused animals and earn 1000 points.

What is Mypoints:

It's a program that's been around for years, where members earn points for doing various tasks. Membership is free and you never have to spend money to earn points.

Once you've accumulated enough points you can donate them to charities, get gift cards to places like Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon and the list goes on. Think Christmas!

I've been a member for years and use the points toward gift cards for the holidays, although I must say I've been tempted to use them on a free vacation cruise, hotel room, gas for my car or airline tickets.

Ways to Earn:

1. Read emails. Get points. It's that simple.

2. Do a search. Get points. Again, it's that simple.

3. Go shopping. Get points.

4. Sign up for their credit card. Use it and get points every time you do.

5. Refer friends. You get points, they get points. The easiest way ever!

Spending Points:

How quickly you can earn and spend those points will all depend on you. On average I cash mine in every year right before the holidays and get several $25 gift cards. The only thing I do to get those cards is read emails from Mypoints to earn points.

Now that you know, ready?